Andrea Rojas was a bumbling, mild-mannered intern who worked with Chloe Sullivan at the Daily Planet. She also happened to be a Metahuman Vigilante known as the Angel of Vengeance, a mysterious warrior woman who defends the citizens of Metropolis.

Andrea was the daughter of an outspoken activist against gangs. Her mother was targeted and assassinated by gang members and in the attack, Andrea was stabbed in the heart. She was given a heart transplant and survived. However, the donor was a Metahuman and the new organ gave her the Superhuman Strength and Agility she needed to combat evil. Andrea wore a Kryptonite locket to remind her why she was given the powers. She also wore a head mask to hide her identity and used contacts instead of glasses while as the Angel. Andrea used her craving for vengeance to find her mother's murderer and save those that are in dire need of help.

As the Angel, she saved Martha Kent from some gang members and Clark Kent drew her out. Still mourning the recent death of his father, he wanted to find out who attacked his mother so that he could seek revenge. Teaming together, they found the gangsters and learned that they were the same group that killed Andrea's mother. Andrea forced one of the members to tell her who had her mother killed. After receiving the information that she needed, Andrea killed the gangster against Clark's protests. When Clark was trying to stop Andrea, she had him subdued using her kryptonite locket.

Andrea's final task as the Angel of Vengeance was to kill Lionel Luthor, the man who presumably ordered her mother's murder. However, Clark was able to stop her. Andrea's extreme act of grief and vengeance helped Clark realize that his father would not have wanted him to become a murderer. He tried to convey this message to Andrea, but shortly afterwards, she left Metropolis.

The Vengeance Chronicles

The Angel of Vengeance was recruited by Nick Yang and Molly Griggs, who had escaped Level 33.1 at LuthorCorp and hoped to get back at Lex Luthor by exposing what he was doing. But their real intentions were to have him kill himself with a subliminal message from his computer. Andrea could not let them go through with it and convinced them to stop.

It is later revealed by Chloe, by an unknown source, that Molly Griggs was admitted to Belle Reve on the night the mission failed, indicating that she was captured after her computer and mind-control program was destroyed by Nick. It speculated that Andrea and Nick may have abandoned Molly after realizing that Molly would not agree to stop her attempts to kill Lex.

Andrea expressed to Chloe Sullivan her intention to use her abilities to continue to help the people of Metropolis. Her current whereabouts are unknown.




Andrea requires glasses or contacts to be able to see correctly.



  • Andrea Rojas was portrayed by Denise Quiñones.
  • While the character borrowed the name "Andrea Rojas" and basic ethnicity from the comic book character, her powers, origins, methods, and characterization were created specifically for Smallville.
  • Andrea's birthday is July 7, 1981.
  • Andrea is also similar to the future Clark Kent/Superman. For instance, when she is a civilian she wears glasses and has some of Superman's powers such as Super-Strength and Agility. Also, when Andrea was changing from her costume back to her normal clothes she changed in a phone booth, Superman's trademark. She claimed, "The janitor was in the bathroom," meaning she usually changes in the bathroom.
  • In the comics, Andrea Rojas is known as Acrata. On Smallville, Acrata was the organization her mother worked for.



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