William and Andy Mallory were sons of two notorious jewel thieves. When William and Andy were both very young, their parents were detained and William ended up taking care of Andy. After many years, Andy and William became friends of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. William would ask Bruce to for Wayne-Tech equipment for "camping," which was an excuse to get high quality equipment for their criminal activities. William despises Batman as he believes that criminals are just like any other profession, but the police and Batman always makes the criminals' jobs harder. He ends up working with Killer Croc, the Penguin, and the Joker. After getting an encounter with Batman and Robin, he deduces that they were Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson respectively. Eventually, William and Andy were arrested and before they could tell anyone about Batman and Robin's identity, the Joker gave them laughing gas, effectively making the unable to tell the public about Batman's identity.




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