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Pre-Infinite Crisis

Angor's resident superhero team, the Assemblers, were too wrapped up in their own fame to really protect Angor from any serious threats. There was a nuclear holocaust caused by a terrorist group of supervillains called The Extremists, which eventually wiped out almost their entire world, including several of the Assemblers, and the Extremists themselves. Although the remaining heroes, Wandjina, Blue Jay and Silver Sorceress saw their folly and regrouped as the nobler and more effective Champions of Angor, they were still too late to save their world. Eventually they left to save other worlds from the problems that had caused their own to fall, arriving on Earth, where they conflicted the Justice League when trying to destroy that World's nuclear weapons. Sometime later, a group of too accurate robot duplicates of The Extremists from an amusement park also escaped to Earth, and caused trouble for Justice League Europe. Dreamslayer of Angor is revealed to have survived the holocaust, not being technically human, and while the rest of the robots were merely shut off, he was put in prison.

The Multiverse

Earth-8 heavily parallels Angor, and includes versions of many of its characters, including a new version of the Assemblers known as the Meta Militia (Earth-8), and new Extremists. On this Earth, the United States of America are the United States of Angor.[1]




  • The world of Angor was introduced in Pre-Crisis continuity as just another planet in another dimension. With the recreation of the Multiverse following the events of 52, a version of Angor has been allocated to the parallel reality known as Earth-8. Angor is not referred to as Earth-8 until Countdown #29.

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  1. The world is so far mainly detailed during the events of the miniseries Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists.
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