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Following a non-descript childhood, Joseph Angst joined the Army and served under commanding officer Sam Lane. During this time, Sam Lane was assigned to assist with a secret weapons project, and Lane actively encouraged Angst to volunteer for experiments associated with it. But during the experiments, something went horribly wrong, and Angst was exposed to a strange new type of radiation that activated his metagene, transforming him into a hulking, super-strong monster. Angst was quickly subdued and kept confined at a branch of S.T.A.R. Labs while a cure for his condition was sought. Throughout this time, Angst brooded and blamed Sam Lane for his situation.


Finally, after twenty years of captivity, Angst was able to escape, and the first thing he did was to seek Lane out and attempt to kill him. Superman was able to subdue Angst and recapture him, and in an ironic twist of fate, Angst was finally cured of his condition when he accidentally came into contact with another of Superman's enemies, Parasite. This contact resulted in the Parasite absorbing the radiation in Angst's body that caused his monstrous transformation, and without it, Angst's body returned to normal.


Unique Physiology: Angst's body had be subject to experiments gone wrong and the exposure to dangerous chemicals radically altered his physical features, mental faculties and aesthetics.




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