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in: Malcolm Davis/Cover Artist, Jean Segarra/Cover Artist, Elizabeth Hand/Writer Paul Witcover/Writer, Steve Crespo/Penciler, Chris Ivy/Inker, Patricia Mulvihill/Colourist, Chris Eliopoulos/Letterer, Rob Simpson/Editor, Keri Kowalski/Editor, Jonathan Crane (New Earth)/Quotes, Courtney Mason (New Earth)/Appearances, Animus (New Earth)/Appearances, Boojum/Appearances, Alison Hell (New Earth)/Appearances, Judy (New Earth)/Appearances, Liv (New Earth)/Appearances, Professor Dred (New Earth)/Appearances, Slam Shiner (New Earth)/Appearances, Dwight Mason (New Earth)/Appearances, Jeremy Mason (New Earth)/Appearances, Kyle Woodleaf (New Earth)/Appearances, Pockets (New Earth)/Appearances, Willow Mason (New Earth)/Appearances, Maxilla Yale (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Crane (New Earth)/Appearances, Fenris (New Earth)/Appearances, Steven Dayton (New Earth)/Appearances, Arkana/Appearances, California/Appearances, New Orleans/Appearances, Louisiana/Appearances, Dayton Industries/Appearances, Rain City/Appearances, Scarecrow's Fear Toxin/Appearances, Comics, 1994, 1994, May, 1994, March (Publication), Anima Vol 1, Modern-Age, Executive Editor Credit Needed, Synopsis Written

Anima Vol 1 3


Anima Vol 1 3

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"Running With the Wolf": In the Arkana, the primal world of dream-creatures, Fenris the archetypal wolf stalks his prey. He fights a group of primitive goblin-like creatures, who insist on attacking him "for the Nameless One." Anima is in the dream-world with Animus, who has four arms and is

Quote1 Let's see what happens if I increase the dose a little! God, I love science! Quote2
-- Scarecrow

Appearing in "Running With the Wolf"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Commissioner Gordon (Mentioned only)
  • D. Ierino (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Dr. Morales (coroner)
  • Fenris (archetypal wolf)
  • Gnawbone (First appearance)
  • Nameless One (Mentioned only)
  • Nurse Chang (Tellus Institute)
  • Steve Dayton (phone only)
  • Wyatt (O.D.D.)


  • Tellus Institute
  • New Dawn (rehab center)



Synopsis for "Running With the Wolf"

In the Arkana, the primal world of dream-creatures, Fenris the archetypal wolf stalks his prey. He fights a group of primitive goblin-like creatures, who insist on attacking him "for the Nameless One." Anima is in the dream-world with Animus, who has four arms and is trying to break out of a mystical prison.

Willow Mason continues her dream therapy with Maxilla Yale. Her spirit animal is Fenris, and she sees Anima through his eyes in the Dream Machine. When she explains Animus to Yale, Yale tells her that Animus is the archetypal wild man shadow-self that every woman carries in her psyche.

Dr. Egret invites Yale to observe his experiments on Anima. He keeps her drugged in his facility, where he continuously injects her with chemicals to isolate the fear archetype.

Dwight Mason is fired from his media representative job at Dayton Industries. Steve Dayton personally fires him, as his daughter's disappearance has made him a terrible employee. Jeremy Mason contacts his mother at the Tellus Institute, and tells her about scary dreams hes been having.

Animus explains to Anima that confinement is deadly to him, and it is the only thing he fears. Anima does not believe that it is Animus because he has four arms, and she attacks him.

The rest of Boojum argues about what to do with Anima. Slam is terrified to go back into the New Dawn rehab center where Egret is holding her. Pockets reveals that he successfully pickpocketed a security pass from one of the guards.

Kyle Woodleaf arrives in the Rain City office of the ODD. He asks if anyone has seen Anima, and they direct him to the morgue. The coroner explains that many runaways have been dying of pure fear lately. He suggests that Woodleaf investigate New Dawn, where Dr. Egret receives many runaways.

Maxilla visits Egret at New Dawn, and suggests that they might be dealing with a metahuman. Courtney briefly wakes up from her fugue state, and recognizes her "aunt" Max before she's sedated again. In the world of Arkana, Animus insists to Anima that they should work together instead of fight. Fenris is trying to help them escape their dream prison.

The Boojum gang sneaks into New Dawn past several guards. Kyle Woodleaf looks into Egret's career, and realizes that he is actually the Scarecrow. Maxilla schemes to get Courtney into her own care, while Egret continues his sinister experiments. Boojum breaks into the room, and Alison demands that they release Anima. Anima finally breaks out of the prison in her dreams, wakes up, and destroys her restraints. Egret believes that Animus is the fear archetype, but Maxilla recognizes Animus as the wild man from her books. Boojum and Animus fight the security guards together, while Kyle Woodleaf enters the building. Max sedates Courtney from behind, and drags her to a car outside where she can kidnap her. Woodleaf arrives as the fight ends, just in time to arrest Scarecrow and have him extradited to the care of Jim Gordon. Liv is taken to the hospital with Slam, and Pockets reveals that he has stolen Woodleaf's wallet. Back in the Arkana, Fenris sits in a spectral forest and observes the birth of a powerful nameless new creature who he can only fear.


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