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Animal Man Vol 2 8


Animal Man Vol 2 8

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"Animal vs. Man, Part Two": With a pack of wolves taken over by The Rot gathering around the Baker family's mobile home, Maxine Baker believes that she can stop them. Naturally, her mother Ellen is against the idea, alr

Quote1 Being afraid isn't something Ellen does very often. She's strong. Nothing fazes her. But I think I may have finally pushed her over the edge. Quote2
-- Buddy Baker

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Synopsis for "Animal vs. Man, Part Two"

With a pack of wolves taken over by The Rot gathering around the Baker family's mobile home, Maxine Baker believes that she can stop them. Naturally, her mother Ellen is against the idea, already fatigued by the weirdness brought about by her husband Buddy's forays into superheroism. Buddy, on the other hand, considers letting the girl face the creatures, despite warnings from Socks that protecting Maxine from harm is what he was given super-human abilities for.

Regardless, Maxine rushes outside to face the wolves, and though they hesitate for a moment, they soon pounce on her and rip her apart. With horror and righteous rage, Buddy leaps into the frey and brutally tears the creatures limb from limb. When his rage subsides, he sees that he was too late to save Maxine, as her limp corpse lies before him.

However, just beyond the treeline, Ellen sees her daughter emerge unscathed. As Ellen wraps her in a blanket, Maxine exclaims that she merely left her body and found a new one. When the wolves had leapt at her, she had jumped back into The Red, and waited until a nearby fox gave up its body for her to form into her own. To her grandmother Mary's horror, the girl approaches the body that was once hers, and sends it back to The Red by decomposing it rapidly. The evolution of Maxine's powers come as a pleasant shock to Socks.

Suddenly, Cliff shouts out that something bad is happening in town. Apparently, these rot infected creatures have attacked the nearby town. Sternly, Buddy decides that he should be the one to stop them - alone. Since he took Maxine into The Red, things have gone out of control, and he feels responsible. He asks cliff to look after Maxine and Ellen, and then flies off.

Buddy crosses the military barrier in town, and orders the soldiers to stand back while he faces the Rot-infected animals. The animals are merely thralls of Sethe, the monstrous creature that Buddy witnessed in a prophetic dream. The creatures mock him, claiming that his distraction in town allows The Rot to seek out Maxine uninhibited.

Buddy puts up a good fight against the creatures, but ultimately, he is overcome and overtaken by The Rot.


  • This book was first published on April 4, 2012.
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