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Anna Hark is the current heir to the ancient Hark family, and head of the Hark Corporation.

Anna's father was a famous adventurer in the early 20th Century and one of the Century Babies - born at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 1900.

When the elder Hark died in 1945, Anna took control of the family corporation. Her role, as her family had always understood it, was to "ensure that the sun comes up." What this may actually mean is open to debate, but Anna was willing to deal with whomever she had to in fulfilling her role.

As early as 1950, she was working with Randall Dowling at Science City Zero, helping to fund the experiments on human subjects there.[1] Throughout the next fifty years, Hark continued to work, over her better judgment, with Dowling and The Four, until persuaded to break that alliance by Elijah Snow.[2]


As a child of a Century Baby, Anna Hark has inherited some of her father's gifts, although the full extent of this inheritance is not yet known.

Decelerated Aging: Some degree of retarded aging. She has ceased to age, and has predicted her lifespan to be about 300 years.



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