Annataz developed an extremely powerful set of magics that were able to bind and control the powerful energies of the 5th dimension imp Mister Mxyzptlk. By doing this, Annataz was able to keep him from accessing his own powers.

Annataz apparently committed suicide to atone for her many criminal acts rather than escape the destruction of the Source Wall by Superman-Prime.


  • Magic: Annataz of Earth-3 had powerful powers of magic usage as she was able to directly bind the power levels of the 5th dimensional imp Mxyzptlk, who is stated to have powers that operate above third dimensional laws and limitations. If that is true, her powers were above that of her New Earth counterpart Zatanna in scope and effect, and thus far closer to Shazam or the Spectre who are able to basically accomplish anything that they wish through their magical abilities.
  • Superhuman Strength: Annataz's magical abilities could be used for a host of direct physical acts including augmenting her strength levels to obvious superhuman levels. But her augmentation far below those of Prime who she was not able to defeat.
  • Comparable to her counterpart Zatanna, Annataz must actually speak her incantations aloud in order for them to be effective. However unlike Zatanna her spells seem to remain in effect until she specifically remove or eliminates them.
  • Annataz is the Earth-3 counterpart to Zatanna but has a far greater range of power and scope than her New Earth counterpart. As an "evil" version of Zatanna, Annataz mostly indulged in her powers for her own self gratification. But she obviously kept honing and refining her skills and power levels to be able to bind and control being of so called infinite power levels such as Mxyzptlk whose powers are stated not to be magic but a "higher dimensional power that only appear on the surface to be true magicks". This suggests that Annataz could use her powers to effect others that are scientific or unknown in nature outside of true magicks, at the very least to prevent them from operating normally, if at all as shown.



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