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Anthony Lupus was a former Olympic Decathlon champion, who suffered from severe headaches. To find a cure, he sought the help of Professor Milo, who used a serum derived Alaskan wolves to treat him. As a side effect, it transformed him into a werewolf.

After examining Anthony Lupus, Milo discovered that the serum advanced the transformation because Athony suffered from lycanthropy, which was the source of his pain. Milo offered Lupus a cure if he killed Batman. When Batman was trapped in an abandoned lot by Professor Milo, the transformed Anthony attacked Batman. Batman and Anthony waging a terrible battle, until a lightning struck him. Batman presumed he was dead, but Lupus had traveled to Alaska to live in solitude.[1]

Batman discovered him, and pleaded with him to donate bone marrow to his ailing sister. After successfully trapping Anthony in a silver net, Batman promised Lupus he would do everything to find a cure.[citation needed]



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