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The Anti-Monitor was created eons ago by Krona, a rogue Guardian, in an attempt to create the ultimate being. However, the moment the Anti-Monitor became cognizant, it realized its superiority over its creator, and attempted to consume the former Guardian by transforming him into anti-matter. Krona was only able to defeat his creation by banishing it to another dimension.

In this new dimension, the Anti-Monitor was unchallenged, and thusly able to consume almost the entire universe. Only one planet managed to escape the Anti-Monitor's voracious hunger. Lord Nigel Fortenberry, a wealthy industrialist on this lonely planet, struck a deal with the monster - the Anti-Monitor would spare his planet, and in return Lord Fortenberry would send it to another dimension, one full of matter for the Anti-Monitor to consume.

The Anti-Monitor took Lord Nigel's deal and returned to the universe where he was created. He landed on Biot and re-activated the long-dormant Manhunters with his anti-matter energy in his quest to destroy the universe and consume its energy.

He appeared to destroy Aya, but she survived by transferring her consciousness into a dormant Manhunter body as her body was destroyed, and later built herself a new body on the ship. Absorbing the ship's power battery, she managed to decapitate the Anti-Monitor and merge with it's body, forming a new 'Aya-Monitor' to rule the Manhunters.



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