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A professional thief by trade, Anton Knight first came to Gotham to confront Natalia Knight, who was using the same "nom du crime" as himself. Entering into a partnership with his adopted sister who was also engaging in a romantic relationship with Bruce Wayne, Knight clashed with Batman and even adopted the Batman identity himself as part of a plan to discredit Wayne's alter-ego. The plan failed after Anton was spotted in the light as he had refused to shave off his obvious goatee. Knight fled Gotham leaving his sister Natalia to her manipulation of Wayne as she had discovered Wayne was Batman.

Knight was also responsible for the apparently accidental murder of the crime lord Doctor Fang.

Though Anton has worn his Batman costume since, he mostly prefers to remain in a full black body suit that covers his goatee and any other identifying marks while he continues his illegal actions.


  • Anton Knight is also known as Night-Thief and/or Thief of Night.
  • Though his sister knows Wayne is Batman, she did not share that secret with Anton.



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