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Quote1 BAAAAANE! Quote2
-- Bane src

Bane was a scrawny convict named Antonio Diego who was made the test subject of Jason Woodrue's special serum called Venom, which transformed him into a muscular powerhouse. His creator intended to sell him to a national leader for use as a "super soldier", but Pamela Isley, who was transformed into Poison Ivy, killed Woodrue and used Bane for her own personal ends, including helping Mister Freeze escape from Arkham Asylum when she sought an alliance with him against Batman and Robin. During Mister Freeze's use of the giant telescope at the Gotham City Observatory to freeze the entire city, Bane ran as interference for him, nearly strangling both Robin and Batgirl to death in his hands. They both unplugged the tubing connected to the back of his head that gave him the Venom injections and watched him become his original scrawny self again.


  • Enhanced Strength: Bane possessed incredible strength through his injections of Venom.


Without the Venom injections, Bane's physical appearance reverts back to his normal scrawny physique.

  • Like the Burtonverse Joker, the Burtonverse Bane is the only version with an official real name.



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