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Doctor Aquadus was a scientist and director of Svitavy Collective, in which his organization was the lead designer of the Red Tornado warhead that was used in the Czech War. Following after the creation of the Red Tornado, Aquadus began working on teleporting living tissue. This experiment led to an accident that bonded Aquadus to a nearby lake that transformed his entire body into water. His experiment had also transformed his fellow researcher and undercover Nightwing agent Gunther Ganz into Plastic Man.

Since his transformation, Aquadus called himself Aquaman and went into a world conquering pursuit in which he constructed a supergun that would destroy Earth's moon and thereby allowing him to harness absolute control of the planet's oceans. His plot was soon discovered by six heroes, the Atom, Flash, Joker, Manhunter, Plastic Man, and Spectre; these six heroes put a stop to Aquadus' plan in which he was obliterated from the exploding backlash caused by his destroyed supergun.


  • Unique Physiology: Dr. Aquadus' body is composed of living water that allows him to control and manipulate water.
  • Doctor Aquadus' first name is unknown.



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