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The city of San Diego is struck by a massive quake the sinks everything west of the San Diego Zoo. More than four-thousand people are killed in the disaster, and the sunken quarter earns itself the nickname "Sub Diego". Even more mysterious is the fact that thousands of people spontaneously develop the ability to breathe underwater. Although the landscape has been changed forever, the denizens of Sub Diego still have a chance to eke out a life for themselves. One of the survivors is Lorena Marquez. Aquaman discovers her and takes her to the JLA Watchtower where the Martian Manhunter and he analyze her altered physiology. It is from there that Aquaman learns about the other Sub Diego survivors and vows to help them. Rushing to San Diego, Aquaman attempts to rescue the survivors, but must convince them that they can no longer survive on the surface.

He eventually learns about a scientist named Doctor Anton Geist. Working out of the San Diego Water Works facility, Geist created a serum that altered a human being's physiology, enabling them to survive underwater. The effect spread when the serum interacted with salt water during the quake. Geist however, was not responsible for the quake that sunk half the city, and Aquaman learns that he is but a pawn for the ambitions of the true villain.

The Sub Diego survivors look towards Aquaman for help and leadership and Aquaman strives to maintain order in this new chaotic society.



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