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Aquaman: Death of a Prince

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Death of a Prince was a serialized Aquaman saga that began in an Adventure Comics back-up feature and eventually grew popular enough to revive the main Aquaman series. The saga was not given a name during its original publication, although it eventually received a collected edition.


Aquaman fights several of his old and new villains, including Black Manta and the Fisherman. He is dethroned by a democratic council election and usurped by the villainous Karshon, who then has him exiled with orders to be shot on sight. Discovering the conspiracy, he returns and reveals that Karshon was in fact the Shark and defeats him in single combat. Rather than reclaim his birthright, he decides to become a super-hero full-time and gives his political responsibilities over to Vulko. Black Manta kidnaps Aquababy and suffocates him in oxygen while Aquaman is forced to fight Aqualad to the death. Aqualad meets the Idylists, and learns the truth behind his long-lost parents King Thar and Queen Berra. Aquaman seeks revenge against Manta with the help of a disillusioned mercenary named Cal Durham, although he decides against killing him at the last second. Kobra manipulates several villains into helping his cult destroy Portugal, and Aquaman teams up with Batman and Green Lantern to stop him. Aquaman confronts his wife Mera again after the death of their son, and she holds him responsible at first but they fight Ocean Master together and she remembers that she loves him.



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