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Aquaman Vol 5 12


Aquaman Vol 5 12

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"Acts": In his castle, Thanatos torments young A.J., demanding that he tells him where his mother Mera is hiding. He throws a punch at the boy, but is surprised when A.J. catches his fist.

Quote1 Hard to believe... some kings manage whole harems. Quote2
-- Aquaman

Appearing in "Acts"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Thanatos
  • The Others (Single appearance) (Behind the scenes)

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Acts"

In his castle, Thanatos torments young A.J., demanding that he tells him where his mother Mera is hiding. He throws a punch at the boy, but is surprised when A.J. catches his fist.

Back in Atlantis, Mera is angered to see Dolphin in Aquaman's bed. Dolphin leaps at her, and delivers a smashing head-butt. Mera counters with a hard-water blast, but Dolphin avoids it and kicks Mera across the jaw. Mera finally catches with a large water fist, but Dolphin breaks free and smashes Mera's head into the floor, breaking her nose. Aquaman finally intervenes and ensnares Dolphin with his harpoon attachment. He tells both of them to calm down, but it becomes quickly obvious that Mera is disoriented. She is missing time, and doesn't realize that it has actually been months since she last saw her former husband.

In Tritonis, Vulko and Koryak seek an audience with King Iqula and Queen S'Ona. Vulko asks the king for permission to relocate dispossessed Poseidonians to Tritonis. King Iqula refuses, citing that they are already cramped for space. Vulko suggests using the underground tunnels that links the five great cities for a massive exodus, but the superstitious King Iqula refuses to grant passage for fear of invoking an ancient curse.

Back in Poseidonis, Mera suffers a psychic attack and rushes off. Aquaman and Dolphin give chase until they see her swim towards the Great Divide. Aquaman holds Dolphin back, explaining that the Great Divide is a bottomless and that nobody has ever returned from it. Not heeding his own advice though, Aquaman dives into the pit in pursuit of Mera. Dolphin disobeys him and follows after him. He manages to snag Mera with his harpoon, but a dimensional rift opens up below them. A watery hand reaches outward and grabs Mera, Dolphin and Aquaman, pulling them inside of the rift.

Aquaman blacks out and when he comes to, he finds himself set before a guillotine with Thanatos standing behind him ready to decapitate the Sea King.


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