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Quote1 It's my worst nightmare. Water with an attitude. Quote2
-- Aquaman

Appearing in "Elemental, My Dear Aquaman"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Synopsis for "Elemental, My Dear Aquaman"

Corona, a fire elemental previously known as Kako, flies out of the ocean, carrying Trok, one of the Deep Six. She throws him to the ground and fries him with an elemental burst of fire. Corona then flies down into the ocean to confront the remainder of Deep Six. Aquaman and Slig are fighting in the depths of the ocean when Corona appears. Elsewhere, Aqualad is tied up as flesh eating-water approaches him. He breaks his bonds, but not soon enough to escape. The flesh-eating water envelops him. Meanwhile, Aquaman, his son, Dolphin and the four remaining members of Deep Six flee from Corona. Corona blasts Pyron, turning him to a pile of soot. Trok and Gole beg Aquaman to save them, swearing that if he does, they will return to Apokolips. While Aquaman tries to reason with Corona, Deep Six use a Boom Tube to escape to Apokolips. Blaming Aquaman for their escape, Corona begins shooting blasts of fire at him. Aquaman swims to the surface, where Corona grabs him by the hook that now serves as his left hand and melts it to slag. A water elemental appears and exchanges brief words with Corona and the fly off together.


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