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Aquaman Vol 7 23.1: Black Manta


Aquaman Vol 7 23.1: Black Manta

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"Sea Change": In Belle Reve prison, Amanda Waller is trying to recruit Black Manta for a mission with Task Force X, her black-ops squad. He declines, pointing out what every super-villain in the building knows - if you sign on

Quote1 The only thing I want is the death of Aquaman. Quote2
-- Black Manta

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Synopsis for "Sea Change"

In Belle Reve prison, Amanda Waller is trying to recruit Black Manta for a mission with Task Force X, her black-ops squad. He declines, pointing out what every super-villain in the building knows - if you sign on with the "Suicide Squad", you don't do a mission and go back into gen-pop. You just do more missions until you finally die. Waller tries to sweeten the deal by offering him something, but he reveals that all he wants is the death of Aquaman.

Annoyed by this, Waller rattles off the salient details of his hatred - hired to prove the existence of the Amnesty Bay Merman, he lived with his father but killed Tom Curry while investigating. Aquaman then broke onto the boat and killed his father, thinking it was him. Black Manta became a super-villain in revenge. Waller admits, his goal is daunting but his perseverance is impressive. But she asks him what he will do once Aquaman is dead; who he will direct his rage at.

Darkness strikes Belle Reve then, and Amanda Waller leaves to see why. Soon after, there is a jailbreak. The rioting super-villains receive a message: come to Happy Harbor, and meet the world's new owners; they're hiring.

In the midst of the riot, Black Manta collects his villain costume (briefly meeting Ocean Master, whose locker is next to his), then gets away by hijacking a helicopter.

At the villain meeting, Black Manta gleefully claims Aquaman's trident, but is shocked by what it means: Aquaman is dead by another's hand. He leaves to see his father.

Standing over his father's grave, Black Manta feels a frightening freedom. But then the ground shakes. Looking up, he sees that Ultraman has moved the Moon... affecting the tides. Water covers the graveyard, and Black Manta is horrified to see his father's body unearthed and destroyed by the water.

In the ruins of the graveyard, Black Manta feels a familiar hate. Amanda Waller, it seems, was wrong: with Aquaman dead, Black Manta knows exactly who he wants to kill next ...


  • This book was first published on September 11, 2013.
  • No special notes.


  • The GPS co-ordinates of 41.7, -71.5 map to Warwick, R.I.

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