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Sometime early in his superhero career, The High found himself facing the villainous Doctor Sin. Their rivalry grew greater, though Doctor Sin was also the main foe of Urumi and Engine Joe.

On August 3, 1945, under the cover of the Hiroshima bombing, Doctor Sin was captured, along with most of America's posthuman heroes and villains, by the US military and conscripted into the NOTB Program. It was hoped that this VR program would rehabilitate him, but for 63 years, he resisted, and fought the heroes... until The High was added to the program, with the benefit of almost 60 years more life experience than the others.

The High, influenced by the "modern" heroes (like Stormwatch), had no problem 'killing' Doctor Sin. Freed from the Program by this, he toyed with the heroes for a while, before a government team tried to destroy the Program, and he stole a jeep and drove away to his freedom.

Doctor Sin's future is unknown, but he was specifically shown by The Eidolon when he referred to heroes and villains who would direct Earth-50 in the wake of the World's End.

World's End

While traveling in the wasteland of what was once the United States, Sin (without any devious intentions) candidly picked up Gen 13 who were on their way to a skate park. While on the way, Sin regale his identity to Gen 13, and gives his knowledge that they're special. After dropping them off, Gen 13, however, were left incomprehensible as to what he was talking about.[1]



  • Sin-Bot


  • Neutrino Cannon



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