Ariadne Persakis was a member of the Kobra Cult loyal to new leader Jason Burr. She was one of the few members Kobra thought truly believed in his ideas about Kali Yuga and was thus his most trusted agent. She was captured by the JSA but escaped with the aid of moles planted within Checkmate. [1] Kobra sent her back against them but she was again arrested. [2] This was all part of Kobra's plans. While incarcerated in Blackgate Penitentiary, Kobra used Blood Magic and information taken from the Everyman Project to alter Ariadne's physiology. She became a literal snake-woman and broke free. Quickly teleporting his agent to his side, Kobra once again set Ariadne against the JSA. Mister Terrific realized her transformation was quickly destroying her body. She occupied the heroes long enough for Kobra to make good his escape, at the expense of her own life. [3]