"Chapter Two: Bits & Pieces": All of Anne Carver's notes have to be thrown out by the Asylum now that it's been found she was actually Jane Doe for the past two months, and Warren White is once ag

Quote1 Arkham Asylum is not just any institution for the criminally insane. It's the Ivy League of insanity. A "Harvard" for Psychopaths. Anything not described on the new inventory is contraband. Do not bring these items inside, no matter how small or commonplace they may appear. Bits and pieces do not fall through the cracks here. They fall into the hands of the best, the brightest and the sickest. Quote2
-- Jeremiah Arkham

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Synopsis for "Chapter Two: Bits & Pieces"

All of Anne Carver's notes have to be thrown out by the Asylum now that it's been found she was actually Jane Doe for the past two months, and Warren White is once again trapped in Arkham. He pleads his sanity to Jeremiah Arkham, who maintains that he is not sane. Doctor Arkham informs him that one of the many personal accounts robbed by Warren was his own, and that now that his retirement plans have been put off, he's sure the two of them will be seeing a lot more of each other; he ends addressing White by his asylum-yard nickname, "Good Day, Fish."
Aaron Cash deals with Anne Carver's death, and confronts Jane Doe, who tells him that Dr. Carver always thought he was hideous, even before he lost his hand.
A confrontation between the Mad Hatter and Two-Face in the common room ends with a shattered mirror. Doctor Arkham asks resident Humpty Dumpty to put the mirror back together again, which he cheerily agrees to. When Humpty is done, to Doctor Arkham's dismay, he sees that one piece is missing. A very long, shank-shaped piece.
After even more brutality at the hands of the other inmates, a doctor in the Arkham hospital ward suggests to White that he find a guardian. Two-Face, several beds away, still has injured hands from the mirror incident and is unable to flip his own coin. When the coin rolls over to Warren, Warren picks it up and offers to become Two-Face's coin flipper in return for protection. Despite it being initially helpful to have Two-Face watching his back, Warren finds it ultimately useless as Two-Face will only protect him half the time.
Humpty Dumpty, in the neighboring cell to Warren and the increasingly murderous Death Rattle, worries about White and calls in a favor with Doctor Arkham to request White be transferred into his own cell as his cell-mate.
As the Asylum closes down for the night, Doctor Arkham is forced to draft a new inventory list for the increasing amount of things he is forced to consider contraband. After a confrontation, Death Rattle warns Aaron Cash not to flip him off ever again, which confuses Cash, because he had been trying to do it with his hook hand.


  • This book was first published on June 4, 2003.
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