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Quote1 My power will astound you! Observe as I detach my limb, and transform it into a deadly weapon! Quote2
-- Arm-Fall-Off-Boy src

Arm-Fall-Off Boy tried to enlist as a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes at the first Legion tryout, and the first Legion reject. He has the ability to detach his own limbs, which he can then use as blunt weapons.

Matter-Eater Lad claims that Arm-Fall-Off-Boy gained his powers through carelessness while holding the anti-gravity metal Element 152, but he may not have been serious.


  • Removable Limbs: Arm-Fall-Off-Boy has the ability to detach his limbs from his body and use them as mêlée weapons.
  • This version of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (Pre-Zero Hour) is no longer considered part of canon continuity. All history and corresponding appearances of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (Pre-Zero Hour) were erased from continuity following the events of the 1994 limited series Zero Hour: Crisis in Time.
  • Arm-Fall-Off-Boy was re-imagined in Post-Zero Hour continuity using the code-name Splitter.



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