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Armageddon: Inferno Vol 1 1


Armageddon: Inferno Vol 1 1

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"Seeds of Doom": Waverider flies through the timestream when he feels a sharp stabbing pain which tells him someone or thing is ripping the time stream. He tracks the disruption to present day Wyoming in a valley called the Devil's Bones. There twelve disgruntled people have been strangely dra

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Synopsis for "Seeds of Doom"

Waverider flies through the timestream when he feels a sharp stabbing pain which tells him someone or thing is ripping the time stream. He tracks the disruption to present day Wyoming in a valley called the Devil's Bones. There twelve disgruntled people have been strangely drawn and simultaneously invoke the arrival of Abraxis. Abraxis is the ruler of another dimension which he has completely conquered feasting on the souls of the inhabitants which he keeps in a primitive state. During Waverider's recent exploits, Abraxis became aware of the time stream and other dimensions. He found he could exert subconscious influence on certain individuals thus coordinating the events of his own summons. Unfortunately the summons was only enough to allow him contact with but not entry to this dimension. Waverider attempts to intervene but Abraxis manages to capture him. Abraxis then offers the twelve a chance to rule by his side as he conquers the dimension by giving him their souls, an offer to which they agree. Abraxis takes their souls, merges them with bits of his own power and returns them thereby transforming them into his super-powered agents called the "Daemen." He tells them that in order to fully enter the dimension the Daemen must construct four giant bodies (called simulcra) in four different points in time. He divides the Daemen into four groups of three in order to build/protect these simulcra.

Waverider manages to escape Abraxis' bonds and identifies the four eras. Using his ability to read possible futures he is able to identify which heroes he can pluck from their respective points in time in order to combat the Daemen and simulcra without harming the normal flow of time. In the far future (beyond Waverider and the Legion of Super-Heroes) he can send Flash, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Superman, Troia, and Wonder Woman. In the midst of World War II he is confined (due to the Spear of Destiny's influence) to use existing soldiers like members of Easy Company and the Losers augmented with Thanagarian Hawkman and Hawkwoman. In prehistory, Waverider can assemble Enemy Ace, Guy Gardner, Lobo, Orion and Starfire. In the recent past (likely August 21, 1991) he can (and does) send Batman, Creeper, Firestorm, Spectre and Ultra Boy. These heroes fight members of the Daemen, the husks (like zombies) of people from that time period and, ultimately, the simulacrum. But there efforts are futile as the simulacrum is successfully built and possessed by a portion of Abraxis' consciousness.


  • Batman deduces the time period he and the other heroes have been brought to is the "night after the recent coup tried to throw out Gorbachev." This occurred on August 19th through the 21st per [entry].
  • Waverider selects heroes from different moments in time. The Batman and Spectre are from the "present"; the Creeper is from the "recent past" which was before Soviet Coup; the Ultra Boy is from the Pre-Zero Hour 30th Century; and Firestorm is from his "earlier years."
  • It is unclear how much of this story is still canon as the simultaneous existence of both the JSA's Carter Hall and Hawkworld's Katar Hol will be negated in future retcons following Zero Hour.


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