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Armageddon: Inferno Vol 1 4


Armageddon: Inferno Vol 1 4

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"The Gathering of Heroes": The Spectre drops of the JSA (each of whom are slightly glowing with yellowish energy) in the home dimension of Abraxis, then returns to his own battle. The JSA invade Abraxis' castle and Abraxis returns a portion of his consciousness to his body in order to fight the

Appearing in "The Gathering of Heroes"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Abraxis, (Apparent Death) (Final appearance)
  • Daemen (Final appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Gathering of Heroes"

The Spectre drops of the JSA (each of whom are slightly glowing with yellowish energy) in the home dimension of Abraxis, then returns to his own battle. The JSA invade Abraxis' castle and Abraxis returns a portion of his consciousness to his body in order to fight them. The battle rages on outside the castle where the unnamed natives watch and experience hope for the first time in their lives. Numerous husks arrive to join the fight against the heroes but the unnamed native male joins in. Hawkman rescues the native who helped them and, in touching him, imbues him with some of the yellowish energy he had. The native discovers he can use the energy to zap the husks. Realizing that it was residual god-like energy, Hawkman tells the JSA to start touching (and thereby empowering) the natives. The natives, in turn, use their powers to join the fight. Abraxis, unable to maintain a five front battle, begins to lose on all of them. The JSA, now depleted of the god-energy, begin to age and wear out but choose to continue the battle. Spectre arrives telling them they must return to Ragnarok and that the natives can finish the fight now. Instinctively understanding the situation, the unnamed native urges the heroes to leave, which they do. The natives figure out that they can combine their energy by joining hands and they form a chain unleashing their energy towards Abraxis, presumably destroying him.

Many of the time-displaced heroes regroup and Spectre tells them what has happened and that the JSA have returned to their limbo. However, Waverider appears bringing the JSA with him. He tells all that instead of taking the JSA back, he brought the Daemen to the limbo to fight in the JSA's place. The JSA is back to stay.


  • It is unclear how much of this story is still canon as the simultaneous existence of both the JSA's Carter Hall and Hawkworld's Katar Hol will be negated in future retcons following Zero Hour.
  • In the Last Days of the JSA Special, the JSA sacrificed themselves to eternally fight/die/be resurrected in order to save the universe. The Daemen were villains and had no compunction of sacrificing their entire universe to enslavement under Abraxis' rule. Why Waverider would transport them in the JSA's place and why they would choose/continue to choose to fight this never-ending battle to save a universe about which they do not seem to care is unclear.


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