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Armand Krol was the mayor of Gotham City. A hard-line politician, Krol often criticized Commissioner James Gordon for his leniency when it came to vigilantism - particularly, his reluctance to bring down the cowled crusader known as Batman. Krol's attitude towards the Batman changed however, when the Batman saved his life after being imprisoned inside of a dungeon filled with water. It was shortly after this incident that Bruce Wayne was injured following an assault by the criminal Bane and was forced to relinquish the mantle of the Batman to a surrogate - Jean-Paul Valley. Jean-Paul was a brutal combatant, known for hospitalizing and at times even killing his adversaries. Krol, unaware that this Batman was not the same man who once saved his life, publicly championed Jean-Paul's actions. As it turned out, James Gordon, who was once the Batman's largest supporter, now decried the actions of this new Batman and the bitterness between Krol and he intensified. Armand Krol soon removed Gordon from his position as Gotham's police commissioner and replaced him with Gordon's wife, Sarah Essen.


Main article: Batman: Contagion

During the Contagion event, the Order of St. Dumas released a terrible Apocalypse Virus in Gotham. Krol's replacement Commissioner, the incompetent Andy Howe, ignored Batman's warnings of the plague.[1] The virus leads to rioting and death in the streets. Krol is infected with the disease, and the governor puts Gotham under martial law.[2] He was saved when Azrael figured out a cure and delivered it to hospitals across the city.[3] Marion Grange has Krol forcibly removed from office for incompetence, and becomes his replacement. Krol is dragged screaming from his desk, insisting that she will regret this. Grange's first act was to fire Howe and reinstate Jim Gordon as Police Commissioner for the GCPD.[4]


Main article: Batman: Legacy

Eventually Krol succumbed to the virus that everyone believed had been cured.[5] His death revealed that the "Apocalypse Virus" had not truly been wiped out. Instead, it simply mutated into a new dormant strain. This warning alerted Batman that he needed to find a new cure.[6]


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