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Although never appearing physically, Wesker's tommy gun appears and is framed in Arkham Asylum. When scanned, the player recieves Dr. Penelope Young's notes on Wesker. She says that he should not be seperated from his puppet. Scarface, his puppet, was taken anyway and framed in Warden Quincy Sharp's office. Joker then, after his takeover, steals the puppet and has conversations with it.

In Arkham City, there are two riddles about Wesker that can be found around the city: Scarface in the musuem and Wesker's old puppet shop. The riddles describe how, after Joker's argument with Scarface in Arkham Asylum, one of his thugs found the old Scarface and even made several copies. At the end of the campaign, the player can return to Penguin's museum and find that Scarface has been taken from his exhibit. If the player downloads the Harley Quinn DLC, they can find Scarface in a crib in the Steel Mill. If this is the real Scarface that was taken from the museum or one of the many copies is not confirmed.

If Batman listens to the GCPD Dispatch, at random times, a police officer will be reporting in that Wesker has taken hostages and is shooting at officers. This shows that the Ventriloquist was never taken to Arkham City yet.

At some point after the shutdown of Arkham City, Peyton Riley replaced Wesker as the Ventriloquist and acquired the Scarface puppet from him.




  • Tommy Gun (formerly): Wesker formerly had a tommy gun that he used in conjuction with Scarface. This gun is now on display in Arkham Asylum. [1]
  • New Unspecified Gun


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