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Arthur Curry is Aquaman, an adventurer who is half-Human and half-Atlantean. This gives him a variety of powers including superhuman strength, telepathic control over marine life, and the ability to survive both in water and on land. He belongs to the royal family of Atlantis, and normally acts as their King. His romantic partner is the princess Mera of Xebel. He is a founding member of two superhero teams, the world-famous Justice League and the clandestine Others.

Early Life

Aquaman was born the son of the Atlantean queen Atlanna and the Amnesty Bay lighthouse keeper Tom Curry. Atlanna returned to Atlantis so Tom was forced to raise Arthur alone. As a child Aquaman began to show that he had inherited his mother's gifts. Tom turned to Doctor Stephen Shin, a scientist he saved from a storm, so he could better understand Arthur's abilities.

During the time of Arthur's graduation Shin attempted to release his research to the public so Tom destroyed all of it accept a phial of Arthur's blood. Shin paid a treasure hunter known as the Black Manta to retrieve the phial from the Curry household. However their was a struggle and Tom had a heart attack dying in the hospital soon after. Arthur then tracked Black Manta down and killed his father believing it to be Manta.[2] He then fled civilization until he was brought to Atlantis by his mother's royal advisor Vulko.[3]

He ruled over Atlantis for a while until he fled his role and his brother Orm took the mantle. He went on to formed the Others a team made up of outcasts who would search the globe for the Dead King's Atlantean Weapons so they could be save guarded. after retrieving the artifacts and keeping the Trident of Neptune Aquaman parted ways with the Others.[4]

At some point between leaving the Others and joining the Justice League Arthur met and fell in love with Mera, a Xebelian princess sent to kill him.[5]

Justice League

During the Apokoliptian invasion of Earth Arthur joined a group of Superheroes that spearheaded the defense against Darkseid and his forces. After the team banished Darkseid back to Apokolips and the conflict subsided the group was praised for their actions. This group formerly became known as the Justice League and Arthur joined its founding members Green Lantern, Superman, Cyborg, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Batman.

The Trench

Aquaman and Mera vs. the Trench

Aquaman and Mera vs. the Trench
Main article: Aquaman: The Trench

As Aquaman, Arthur Curry began protecting Boston, having decided to completely abandon Atlantis to pursue a life on land with Mera.[6] Soon, Boston is attacked by a carnivorous underwater species called The Trench, and Aquaman and Mera fended off the invasion.[7]

Chasing the Trench, having taken hostages, to the Marianas Trench, they discovered the predators dying out and desperately trying to feed their children in the remnants of an Atlantean craft. The heroes saved the captives, and Aquaman reluctantly caused the Trench's extinction to prevent further loss of human life. During the US Navy's investigation of the hideout after the fact, Aquaman came in contact with the ship's black box, discovering a centuries old warning inside.[8]

The Others

Main article: Aquaman: The Others

Reuiniting with an old ally of Aquaman's named Ya'Wara, the woman informed Aquaman and Mera that Black Manta had taken one of the Artifacts of Atlantis - the Seal of Clarity.[9] Aquaman and Ya'Wara then began to work together to contact the keepers of the other Atlantean relics - called the Others - before Manta ambushed them, stole Ya'Wara's necklace, and escaped. [10]

Once the Others were finally assembled, one of their members called the Operative informed them that Black Manta planned to steal the seventh relic, the Dead King's Scepter. Although the Others tracked down the villain's location and Aquaman managed to defeat Manta, the heroes did not succeed in time to stop Manta from delivering the scepter to a mysterious stranger.[11]

Throne of Atlantis

Main article: Throne of Atlantis
Aquaman vs. Orm for the fate of the surface world

Aquaman vs. Orm for the fate of the surface world

After a series of aggressive moves made by the US government on the area surrounding Atlantis, the underwater state declared war on the surface world. Though Aquaman wanted to stop the conflict peacefully with the help of the Justice League, he soon learned that his own half-brother Orm was leading the invasion.

Conflicted between his loyalties to the Justice League and Atlantis, Aquaman learned by investigating into the matter that Orm had not secretly caused the mysterious attacks by the United States in order to start the war, instead the culprit being Vulko, who was exiled from Atlantis after Curry's departure and wanted revenge.[12]

Battling Orm's oncoming fleet in Boston, Aquaman tried to explain to his brother the conspiracy brought on by Vulko, though Orm refused to stand down. Usurping Orm and declaring himself king once more, Aquaman ended the war on the surface and declared the arrests of both Vulko and Orm. [13]

Return of the Dead King

Taking back Atlantis

Taking back Atlantis

Once king again, Aquaman soon received news that Mera has disappeared inside the Bermuda Triangle. He traveled to the Triangle and reached the kingdom of Xebel, Mera's homeland, where he came face to face with the Dead King, who had imprisoned the entire city in ice.[14] After freeing Mera and fighting the Dead King, [15] Aquaman and Mera retreated to Atlantis to find the city under attack by the villainous Scavenger's fleet. Aquaman summoned Topo, a massive underwater monster, with his telepathy to destroy the Scavenger's forces but the strain of controlling the beast caused him to go into a coma just as the Dead King arrived to reclaim Atlantis.

Growing a beard, Aquaman awakened six months later under Vulko's care in Antarctica.[16] Returning to Atlantis, Arthur commanded the Trench to liberate his home from its tyrant. After a lengthy brawl, Arthur killed the Dead King, being acknowledged as the king of Atlantis once again. [17]

Around this time, the Crime Syndicate arrived on Earth and trapped Aquaman and the Justice League within the Firestorm Matrix, declaring the world belongs to its villains. [18] However, the League was eventually freed by Lex Luthor and his Injustice League. [19]

Adventures with the Others

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Quest against the Giant born

After saving some Atlantean workers from lava vents an alert was triggered that a giant creature was attacking the coast. This creature turned out to be the Karaqan a legendary Atlantean guardian, despite this Aquaman killed the beast to halt it's rampage. Aquaman tracked a piece of the Karaqan's brain to an underwater facility called Triton Base (that had siphoned a piece of the brain from the Karaqan's corpse) where he proceeded to save a diver named Coombs from some sharks although he was critically injured in the attack.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman against the giant born

Aquaman and Wonder Woman against the giant born

On a trip to the surface world the Trident of Neptune was stolen by a researcher named Daniel Evans so he could learn more about ancient Atlantis, Aquaman was not able to stop him from accidentally unleashing the dreaded Giant Born upon the world from an artifact. The beasts, who recognized Aquaman's Atlantean royal symbol, attacked him for associating with the ancient family who once imprisoned them.

Though he managed to fend off the Giant Born, also unleashed from that artifact was the ancient hero Hercules, whose mind had been warped after having such an extended stay in the hellish scape he was trapped in. He, too, was defeated by Aquaman, who sent him back into the artifact and swore that he would one day find a way to help the man reclaim his sanity. [20]

Tracking the escaped Giant Born to Carcassonne in France, Aquaman enlisted the help of Wonder Woman who with the help of Daniel Evans put a stop to the evil abominations.[21]


In Triton Base one of the scientists attempts to create a hybrid creature out of the Karaqan's brain and Coombs' remains, this was successful, however the creature escapes the base and begins it's search for the King of Atlantis.[22]

The creature now calling itself Chimera reaches out to Arthur through marine telepathy and overpowers Aquaman's connection to sea life making them attack him[22], the connection breaks and Aquaman looks for answers about his experience which lead him to a hospital boat where Stephen Shin is staying ever since Chimera escaped captivity.[23] Chimera attacks Arthur on the boat and overpowers him but still the creature is defeated by an ignited fuel tank which blows it up.[24]

The Maelstrom

Main article: Aquaman: Maelstrom

Atlantis was suffering a chain of seaquakes so Aquaman employed the surface researchers Stephen Shin and Daniel Evans to assist in the investigation. It was soon discovered that the reason for the quakes was because the city did not see Aquaman as it's true ruler, this meant that Atlantis never recognized that Atlanna had died. Aquaman discovered her body was not in her tomb.[25] He then proceeded to open an investigation with the help of the Martian Manhunter. This led him to the The Maelstrom Gate where he opened a portal in search of answers.

Aquaman and Mera are defeated by Atlanna

Aquaman and Mera are defeated by Atlanna

The portal opened in Gorilla City where he was greeted by Lord Solovar ruler of the city. He asked if anyone had come through the portal years ago and Solovar told that Grodd had the answers, after quickly dispatching Grodd he was told that a woman came through some 15 years ago.[26] He then reentered the portal.

The portal led to the Polynesian seas where Aquaman and Mera were directed to a portal guarded by Fire Trolls. They defeated the Trolls and entered the portal travelling to a hidden island named Pacifica.[27] They are then attacked by Atlanna and her Atlantean tribe who does not believe who Arthur is. After being knocked unconscious by Atlanna she attempts to sacrifice Aquaman to Karaku the Volcano God and ruler of the Island. However he escapes and Karaku attacks the tribe out of anger sending legions of fire trolls on them. The God is then defeated by Mera and Atlanna realizes Aquaman is her son. After abruptly departing from Pacifica Aquaman recieves a message in the form of a shell of sounds from his mother.[28]

On The Run & The Other Atlantis

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Dead Water

Aquaman being crushed by Scavenger's new suit

Aquaman being crushed by Scavenger's new suit

Some time after the Thule invasion Aquaman began to create relations with the surface world by creating Spindrift Station, an Atlantean embassy on American soil. He appointed Mera as head of relations between Atlantis and the surface world under the guise of Aquawoman. Meanwhile he assisted the F.B.I. in the investigation of multiple murders related to an unknown sea creature which the press was calling Dead Water.

During this investigation he was attacked by the creature who could teleport through water bodies. He was able to defeat the creature and it was revealed that he was a normal man who had worked for Scavenger named Jonah Payne and was lashing out against people who had wronged him as Dead Water. Aquaman now knowing this confronted Scavenger and defeated him, he was then informed that Jonah Payne had disappeared months earlier during a salvage op in a strange water body. Aquaman and Scavenger were then attacked by Dead Water and Payne was killed in the fight.


The Drowning

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  • Atlantean Hybridized Physiology: Like most Atlanteans, Arthur Curry is an offshoot homo sapien who is biologically adapted to the deep ocean environment. For most Atlanteans, this means they can breathe underwater, endure the pressures of the deep (among other adaptations), and can only spend a very limited time out of water. However due to either Aquaman's hybrid nature or his royal heritage, he possesses a number traits others of his mother's side of the species do not, for instance while he shares many of their faults he can spend an elongated time on dry land with little ill effect and is shown to be 20-50 times stronger, faster, tougher and more or less tireless compared to others of his race. Also akin to other amphibian life is his ability to not only function indefinitely within water but can easily withstand the crushing depths of the ocean deep as well as the harsh enviroment of the sea itself. Making Arthur among other things a super-Atlantean as well as superhuman.
    • Superhuman Durability: Tough enough to resist small arms fire with minor injury, the teeth of most trench dwellers break on his body, surviving an RPG blowing in his face and thrive in the darkest deepest bowls of the ocean deep suffering no discomfort. He can even live through falling back to earth after being launched into orbit by Mera, coming back down hard on top of a sea monsters head, without injury.[29]
      • Heat Resistance: Having taken and lived through multiple energy blasts in the past and been flash frozen by the dead kings ice magic. His ultimate resilience is tested when he dipped into an open lava bed beneath the sea and emerged unscathed.[17]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Aquaman is able to function much longer than any human, without tiring or becoming weak.
    • Superhuman Senses: Aquaman's senses are several times more acute than human capacity, once even hearing a police siren from several miles away.[6]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Aquaman's reflexes are heightened to levels far beyond that of any human.
    • Superhuman Speed: Arthur is phenomenally fast be it while running or swimming, in the sea he's able to outrace a spy plane owned by The Operative which can travel up to speeds of Mach 5.[30]
    • Superhuman Strength: Aquaman's super Atlantean status enables him to bench insurmountable amounts of weight, towing around fishing boats while tidal waves were crashing down upon them.[9] To knocking the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman several dozen feet away with singular blows,[31] lifting a 160000 ton Sea Liner barehanded and as well as taking a sunken cargo ship and chucking it at the dead king.[14][15] Some of his greatest feats of might however preclude pushing a tectonic plate over the entrance to the trench's lair, the heft of which is roughly 4.0678242e+22 kg. or 44 quintillion metric tons.[32] To matching the legendary Hercules blow for blow.[33][20]
      • Super-Leaping: Aquaman can make use of his powerful bodily muscles to launch himself into the air either from jumping on and off land or propelling himself out of open water like a torpedo.[6]
    • Marine Telepathy: Aquaman doesn't actually talk to fish or other seaborn fauna, but can redirect the thought processes of their brains to compel them into helping him when he needs it.[6] He is capable of sending out world wide telepathic broadcasts if and when necessary.[13] He can also with great difficulty assume control over the mind of the great sea Leviathan Topo but with extreme levels of difficulty as the stress of such an act left him comatose for six months.[16] it seems he has gotten a better control over his power as commanding topo to sunder a dreadnought from Thule wasn't as difficult as it used to be.[34]



  • Dehydration: Aquaman dehydrates at a rate greater than an average human.


  • Shell of Sounds: Given to him by his mother. A relic that can contain recorded memories and dialog from the user, in order to convey their memories to future generations.[40]


  • Trident of Neptune: Forged from enchanted gold by Atlan, first king of Atlantis, the trident of Neptune serves as a symbolism of the royal line. Arthur wields as both his right to rule and as a lethal weapon that can pierce mystical fortitude's and draw blood from New Gods like Darkseid. He eventually lost this trident when the villainous Siren, posing as Mera, usurped his leadership and kingdom but has since regained it.[34]
  • Trident of Poseidon (formerly): A divine blessing bestowed upon him by it's previous wielder Poseidon. The trident given to Arthur, blessing him with host of mystical powers and enchantments; as a means to help him battle the invading force known as the Thule. He eventually sacrificed it in order to destroy the encroachment of dimensions,[39] but has been lent a replacement by the gods since then.[41]



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