Quote1 You know, Doctor Light... for a guy obsessed with illumination, you're not very bright. Quote2
-- Robin src

Doctor Light came to Jump City to start his criminal career. At first, Light was not taken very seriously by the Teen Titans due to his lame light-based gadgets. Doctor Light was easily defeated by Raven when his worst fears were shown to him.

Dr. Light New Teen Titans

New Teen Titans

Doctor Light continues to terrorize Jump City by attempting to force the sun to set. The Titans are almost defeated because Beast Boy accidentally broke Robin's utility belt. Luckily, the Titans beat Doctor Light, and Light is presumably taken to jail again.[1]


  • Gadgetry: Light is a genius who can both manipulate light and make his own special gadgets.


  • Light Suit: Doctor Light can shoot bolts of light from his suit. These bolts can both harm and temporarily blind the inflicted.



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