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Aruna Shende lived with her parents in the slums of Madras, India, until the day that mysterious men took her parents from their home, and never returned. Aruna, then known as Shende, traveled from city to city, stealing food when work was unavailable. In one city Shende overheard a conversation about film making, and joined the cast and crew. A man she had worked for had called her 'Aruna', and she adopted that name in the film industry. She became a famous actress and stuntperson in the Indian film industry. After she helped Batgirl rescue a kidnapped boy, Aruna was intoxicated by helping others, and vowed to used her powers to help her country.

According to Aruna, her shapeshifting powers manifested when she was very young. Because of this her parents were never sure of her true gender. She adopted the name Aruna after the male god Aruṇa, the "Charioteer of the Sun" in Hindu mythology.


  • Aruna was one of many of the international heroes introduced during DC's "Planet DC" theme annuals of 2000.



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