Little is known of Ashley Mavis Powell's early life. When she was in college she made an attempt at "improving" her grades by hacking into the school's computer. She discovered her power to "mentally interface with computers and play with their programming" when she accidentally wiped clean the computer's memory.[1]

She was arrested in relation to a child molestation charge but when bond was set low, she skipped. Purportedly there was sufficient evidence to convict her but Mark Shaw believed there was a cover-up "because of who's involved" though more details are never revealed. Mark was hired by a party in Atlanta to investigate and he requests Sylvia Kandrey's help. Sylvia researches Ashley's computer file when she is visited by Paula Darrow regarding another matter. When Paula left, the files had been erased and Sylvia suspected Paula was somehow involved and eventually deduced Paula WAS Ashley. She reveals this information to Mark who investigates Paula's apartment and learns she's about to move to Chicago under the alias of Amy Strickland. When Mark realizes how thorough the fake documents are and that she must be extremely proficient with computers, he races to Sylvia's apartment believing Sylvia to be in trouble (as she was accessing Ashley's file on her own computer). Ashley was there preparing to kill Sylvia but Mark (and Sylvia) capture her. During the brawl, Ashley uses a super-power to make Mark's Manhunter mask go crazy. Sylvia's involvement in the case led to her being placed on probabtion for 90 days.[2]

During the Invasion! Belle Reve prison was attacked and in the confusion Ashley managed to escape.[3] However, she stayed in Louisiana and set up a new identity, Jennifer Stimson, working at St. Vincent's Day Care. She was tracked down and captured by Mark Shaw again who made a deal: help him rig an on-line auction and he'd make no effort to stop her afterwards. She did as he asked but was arrested when the FBI, whom he contacted earlier, arrived.[4]


Computer Interface: Ashley has some type of power allowing her to directly access and control computers and technology even at a distance. Mark Shaw described it as "mentally generate a highly controlled electromagnetic pulse that scrambles and arranges the program." AShley describes it as merging with the computer.

  • Ashley's first recollection of using her power suggests the power is a result of a metagene.