Astarte was the leader of the Citizenry, a band of alien nomads.

She was born in Greece, the elder sister of Hippolyta. When the Citizenry came to Earth some 3000 years ago, they took 100 young girls with them, as was their custom. Hippolyta was chosen, but Astarte volunteered instead. She lost all memory of her life before her induction.

She quickly proved a skilled warrior, and killed her way to the top. When she returned to Earth and encountered Wonder Woman, she learned her true origin from the Lasso of Truth. This only incensed her even more. But eventually, Astarte, as well as her champion daughter Theana, were defeated. By the rule of the Citizenry, that would make Diana their leader, but she refused. She took Astarte with her to Themyscira to be reformed.

  • Wonder Woman casts some doubt on Astarte's memories, because her mother was created as an adult, and Astarte would have been an Amazon as well.[1]



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