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"Riddle of the Far-Out Robbery!": At Nuclear Laboratories Inc, two scientists are puzzling over the disappearance of their new radioactive fuel, dubbed Radion-Balls, when the Atom arrives and explains to the men that he knows what had happened: While out on patrol, the Atom would witness an alie

Appearing in "Riddle of the Far-Out Robbery!"

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  • Krommer Pav (Single appearance)

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Synopsis for "Riddle of the Far-Out Robbery!"

At Nuclear Laboratories Inc, two scientists are puzzling over the disappearance of their new radioactive fuel, dubbed Radion-Balls, when the Atom arrives and explains to the men that he knows what had happened: While out on patrol, the Atom would witness an alien creature that only he could see (due to the effect the Radion-Ball has on his costume) and would chase the alien creature through the streets of Ivy Town. He would get into a clash with the invisible invader but be tossed back by it's defensive weapons. Deciding to hitch a ride on the alien instead of fighting out right, the Atom is taken aboard it's vessel which flies away from Earth.

Along the way, the Atom learns that the alien, named Oban Thokol, comes from the planet Davarian, which has been oppressed by the evil Krommer Pav. Pav has threatened to unleash the poison gasses that are trapped beneath the planet unless he is named absolute ruler of the planet. With Oban's arrival on the planet he is attacked by Krommer Pav's minions who seek to stop him from ruining the plot. As it turns out Oban had traveled to a distant world to find special chemicals to counteract the poison gas, rendering it harmless, however along the way home he has expended his energy supply, necessitating him to steal the Radion-Ball to power his ship and return home.

When a group of Krommer Pav's men try to grab the sack of special chemicals, the Atom lends a helping hand to try and stop the minions of Krommer Pav. During the fight both Atom and Oban are captured by the enemy and put in a special light cage where Oban explains the whole story to Atom via telepathy. The Atom agrees to help save the day and travels through the cage by shrinking so small that he can pass between the light photons. Atom would finish his story by telling how he easily defeated Krommer Pav's minions and dump the special chemicals into a chasm, rendering the poison gas inert. After the battle was won, Oban would return the Atom and the Radion-Ball to Earth.

With his story done, the Atom tells them it was all a made up story and tells them the real and mundane reality: He explains that Ray Palmer's lab assistant Enrichetta Negrini was working on experiments on traveling through hyper-space, the experiment went awry when it accidentally transported the scientists Radion-Ball into hyper-space, and that the Atom had come to the lab to distract the two scientists until Enrichetta manages to bring the Radion-Ball back.

With this explanation complete the two scientists debate on which story is better not fully convinced which was real and which one was fake. The Atom tells them it was all a harmless prank because he hasn't had an exciting adventures recently and jumps out the window leaving the two scientists to continue to wonder which story is real and what fake.

Appearing in "Thief with the Tricky Toy!"

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Synopsis for "Thief with the Tricky Toy!"

The Atom is called into Tanucket Island where he finds that Jean Loring has been arrested on robbery charges. When the Atom goes to see her, he shockingly pronounces that she be kept locked up and not to be released under any circumstances.

The clock rolls back to earlier that day as Jean Loring and Ray Palmer had traveled to Tanucket Island so that Jean can visit with millionaire Avery Prentiss and work a new bequest into his will, while Ray is off to visit an old college friend who lives on the island. Jean knocks on the Prentiss mansion door only to find a crook inside who grabs her and throws her inside the house. With Jean out of site, Ray turns into the Atom and attacks the man, who surprisingly has a toy jack in the box armed with a laser weapon that has a deadly aim. However, despite the toys best efforts to blast the Atom, the Mighty Mite manages to knock the weapon out of the crooks hand.

The crook meanwhile manages to get the better of the Atom by landing a few blows and then knocking the hero out by throwing the stolen loot at him and steals Ray Palmer's car to escape when he hears a police siren. When the Atom revives, he learns from the police officer on the scene explains that the Prentiss family was knocked out by gas filled candles while they were having dinner, but the police managed to capture the thief and have them detained at the police station. This is how Jean manages to get arrested.

After telling the police to keep her locked up, the Atom explains to her that he doesn't want her released from police custody because the crook involved in the robbery might be gunning for her since she would be the only witness to his crime. With a police composite sketch artist, Jean tells the police what the man looks like. When the police examine the drawing, they recognize the crook as Billy Knolles, a local man who works as a handyman at all the local estates. The Atom tells that if he can get to a lab with the jack-in-the-box that they had recovered from the scene of the crime, the Atom will be able to track Knolles down.

With only one bridge to get on and off the island, Billy has used the next best route to escape: stealing a boat. As it speeds away he laughs as he hears about the all points bulletin against him and thinks about his years of menial work and making toys for rich kids. He recalls how his contempt of his rich employers fueled his motivation to create devices that can help him commit spectacular crimes like the one he just attempted at the Prentiss home.

However, Knolles is in for a surprise as the Atom, having used the magnets within the jack-in-the-box to trace him, is following not far behind in a police helicopter. The Atom then dives down and attacks Knolles, easily defeating him and turning him over to the police. Later, the Atom resumes his civilian guise of Ray Palmer and arrives at the police station appearing to be worried about what happened to Jean. Jean explains the whole episode, and tells Ray that she would have told him if she knew the name of the friend he was visiting. She then wonders how the Atom ended up on the island, and Ray chalks it up to pure "luck".


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