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Axel Walker, better known as the Trickster, is a criminal from Central City and enemy of the Flash.

Going Solo

Early in his criminal career, Trickster was recruited by the Rogues and eagerly worked alongside the band of thieves. During one of their attempted robberies though, they were apprehended by the Flash but quickly escaped. Captain Cold, leader of the team, blamed the robbery's failure on Trickster, who then blamed Cold's sister instead. For making one too many mistakes with the Rogues, Trickster was fired from the team. [1]

Without a team to work alongside, Walker allied himself with Mob Rule as a paid henchman, setting a trap to capture Darwin Elias. [2]

When Mob Rule was eventually defeated by the Flash, Walker worked freelance for a bit, again left without a team to pal around with. Despite losing his association with the team, Trickster rescued Captain Cold, the man who had fired him from the Rogues in the first place, from Pied Piper in order to settle a debt the Trickster still owed him. [3]

Soon after the Rogues stopped fighting, Gorilla Grodd invaded Central City, intent on taking it over. When Trickster tried to align himself with the gorilla fiend and act as a tour guide for the simian army, Grodd mercilessly ripped Trickster's right arm off from the bicep and left him to die in the street. [4]

Trickster commissions a slick new robotic arm in place of the one he lost and soon returned to crime. At a bar in Keystone City, Walker showed up and began to (foolishly) brag about his successes as a thief in the past when he was soon escorted away by a swat team for robbery and murder at a botched heist at a diamond store, the thief honestly denying the latter charge. Slipping out of his handcuffs, Trickster tried to make a break for it but was quickly recaptured by the Flash. [5] In prison, Flash tried to clear Walker of the murder charge that was put against him but, because a group calling themselves the Outlanders admired Trickster, Walker and several other prisoners at Iron Heights broke out of their confinement. Escorting Trickster back to his cell, Flash discovered evidence that proved that the former Rogue was framed for the heist by Marissa Rennie but still needed to serve his prison term for plenty of other charges. [6]

Rogues Rebellion

The Rogues, after bickering over what it means to be on the team, bond as a group while Trickster was locked in Iron Heights. Deciding that, even though he's a screw up, he was still a Rogue and that Rogues stick together. The gang of villains prepared to break Walker out but, as they approached the prison, it was ripped open by a mysterious speedster, who invited all of the criminals there to come to Happy Harbor. Trickster, meeting up with his former team, was happily rerecruited to the Rogues and joined them as they followed the speedster to Happy Harbor. [7] [8]

There, the Crime Syndicate announced that the Justice League was dead and that villains were allowed to roam free around the world. However, the Rogues, because of their morals, decided they weren't interested in the Syndicate's sinister agenda and returned to Central City, already in ruins by an invasion by Grodd and his army. [9] Trickster, worried that opposing the new overlords could be unnecessarily dangerous, suggested joining them instead, but his idea was quickly shot down by Captain Cold, who insisted that they work to protect the city and, more importantly his comatose sister, from further decay. Because of their open defiance, the Rogues caught the attention of the Syndicate and were ordered to be executed by Deathstorm and Power Ring. [10] [11]

While trying to escape the two world conquerors, the Rogues retreat to the Mirror World thanks to Mirror Master but, since the mirror was shattered by Power Ring, landed in Metropolis, disconnected from Captain Cold. With a target on their backs, Trickster was shot in the foot with an arrow by a villain trying to make a name for himself before Walker was dragged back into the Mirror World with the rest of the Rogues. [12]

This time landing in Gotham, the Rogues were captured by Poison Ivy who poisoned Trickster with her deadly kiss and threatened to let him die if Weather Wizard didn't use his powers to bring the sun back for her flowers. Unable to do that since Ultraman blocked out the sun using the moon, Mirror Master attempted to save his friend by, instead, using mirrors to reflect light to Ivy's garden. After the villainess healed Trickster, Mirror Master went into the Mirror World to try and make good on the deal but, because of complications, Walker was forced to save Scudder partway through, returning the favor for saving him before. [13] Having failed Ivy's task, the Rogues fled elsewhere in Gotham, but Trickster was lost along the way at the police impound lot. Briefly encountering Victor Zsasz, Walker reunited with the remaining Rogues, picking them up in a hotwired paddy wagon and escaping Gotham. [14]

Rogues on the run for opposing the Syndicate

Rogues on the run for opposing the Syndicate

Though they were out of the Arkham War's path, the remaining Rogues were attacked by the Royal Flush Gang, hoping to cash in on the bounty. While Mirror Master distracted the group of criminals, Trickster snuck into the gang's base and stole their hostage - Lisa Snart - back from them. Their encounter with the Royal Flush Gang attracted the attention of Johnny Quick, the crime lord that freed Iron Heights, who began to use his super speed to whoop Trickster and Mirror Master for opposing the Syndicate. [15] Saved only by Weather Wizard and a little good luck, the Rogues were then forced to fight some of the Secret Society's deadliest foes after they were teleported to their location by Grid. Shooting them all into the Mirror World, Trickster and his allies were finally able to rest as the Crime Syndicate was defeated by the Injustice League, and heroes reemerged. [16] [17]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: After losing his right arm with his first encounter with Grodd, [18] Trickster was equipped with a new robotic one, essentially functioning like a normal human arm. [19]




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