Ayla Ranzz alias Lightning Lass hails from the farming planet Winath, she is the twin sister of fellow Legion of Super-Heroes member Lightning Lad (Garth Ranzz) and the younger sister of the villainous Lightning Lord (Mekt Ranzz). The Ranzz siblings gained their Electrokinesis after being attacked by creatures called Lightning Beasts on the "lightning world" of Korbal. They were standard on the nearby planet and tried to use the creatures to power their spacecraft, but the bio-electricity released by the creatures altered their physiology giving all three sibling their metahuman powers. Ayla originally joined the Legion of Super-Heroes disguised as her brother Garth, claiming to be her brother back from the dead, after his death at the hands of Zaryan the Conqueror. Ayla was soon discovered, but she was admitted into the Legion of Super-Heroes as Lightning Lass.[1]

Dream Girl helped Ayla alter her powers and she took the name Light Lass, she used the science of her planet Naltor to change Ayla's Electrokinetic powers to Gravity Manipulation powers similar to Starboy

Ayla Ranzz entered into a long-term relationship with fellow Legionnaire Shrinking Violet.

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