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Azrael: Agent of the Bat Vol 1 49


Azrael: Agent of the Bat Vol 1 49

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"Gotham City Must Die!": Nicholas Scratch is ready to appear on national TV with an important message to the country about the future of Gotham City but before doing that, he talks to some congress men who were involved in the Gotham case and he bribed them t

Quote1 I've always felt that ethics, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Quote2
-- Nicholas Scratch

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Synopsis for "Gotham City Must Die!"

Nicholas Scratch is ready to appear on national TV with an important message to the country about the future of Gotham City but before doing that, he talks to some congress men who were involved in the Gotham case and he bribed them to vote against the reconstruction of the city when the time came.

Jean-Paul asked Oracle for some information about a congress man who was also directly involved in the Gotham case. Oracle gave him the info reluctanctly, as Jean-Paul was officially not part of the bat-family anymore.

Nicholas Scratch started his broadcast and talked about how Gotham is en evil city at its core and that the country would put all the money to waste if they decided to rebuild it. Meanwhile, Jean-Paul arrived at the place of the congress man he was lookign for, but he found that it was heavily guarded by US Marines and he decided to break into the place using his Azrael suit. Azrael took some of the Marines down and when he reached the congress man's house, he told the people inside to get out of the place because he believed that there were explosives somewhere in the house. The people didn't believe Azrael and he decided to take a table and threw it outside through a window before it exploded. Azrael saved the congress man's life and Azrael asked him in return to try to save Gotham city from dying. At that moment, Nicholas Scratch finished his broadcast and it looked like he convinced all of the people who were listening to him that Gotham must die, all of them except for the heroes in Gotham.

A couple of days later, Batman visited Jean-Paul and asked him why did he disobeyed his orders. Jean-Paul explained that he overheard Scratch's plans and so he decided to act. Batman asked him how did he knew that the explosives were in the table and Jean-Paul explained that he did't knew it but that the table was the only thing that seemed to be out of place. Jean-Paul was expecting Batman to be mad at him for his actions but instead, Batman told him that the congress man he saved, voted for Gotham's reconstruction and that despite that he was outvoted, Batman was proud of what Jean-Paul did for his city. Batman told Jean-Paul that they could still work together and with a handshake, Jean-Paul was once again part of the bat-family.



  • Nicholas Scratch compares Gotham city with biblical city Gomorrah, an infamous city.

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