"Mirage": Jean-Paul Valley crawls out of his crashed plane and is greeted by his old mentor Nomoz. Nomoz tells Jean-Paul to come with him but Jean-Paul heads back to the burning plane to rescue the co pilot. Jean-Paul finds his bag and the c

Quote1 Who else can understand you? What you've gone through? Only me, because I've gone through it, too. Let's forget what we're supposed to be -violent, puppet assassins- and be brothers. Quote2
-- Jean-Paul Valley

Appearing in "Mirage"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • General McGog's Army (First appearance)
    • General Horatio McGog
    • General McGog's Soldiers
  • Faux-Azrael

Other Characters:



  • Jean-Paul's "Agent of the Bat" costume


  • Overturned Jeep
  • McGog's Jeep
  • Crashed Jet

Synopsis for "Mirage"

Jean-Paul Valley crawls out of his crashed plane and is greeted by his old mentor Nomoz. Nomoz tells Jean-Paul to come with him but Jean-Paul heads back to the burning plane to rescue the co pilot. Jean-Paul finds his bag and the co pilot dead because the Faux-Azrael snapped the co pilot's neck before escaping. Jean-Paul is curious about Nomoz's sudden appearance in the middle of the desert. Nomoz explains that ever since he helped Jean-Paul destroy the Order of St. Dumas in Gotham, he decided to return to the place of his birth but he always kept tabs on his pupil's activities. Jean-Paul asks Nomoz about his mother and whether or not she is still alive. Nomoz says that the woman who donated her egg to create Jean-Paul had escaped the Order's desert laboratory. Its possible that she may be hiding out nearby.

Nomoz suggests they take camp nearby a military camp where mercenaries are training. Both Jean-Paul and Nomoz agree that this part of the desert is a smart location for the Order or this military camp because it avoids unwanted attention. Jean-Paul admits to Nomoz that he hopes this Faux-Azrael is still alive because despite his violent streak, this imposter shares a few things in common with Jean-Paul. Jean-Paul and Nomoz come across a damaged jeep before being ambushed by an armored Hummer. The soldiers from the Hummer tell Jean-Paul and Nomoz to freeze because they are trespassing on the property of the Trojan Army Corps. Jean-Paul tries to allay the soldiers' fears by telling them that he is searching for his mother. The soldiers detain Jean-Paul and Nomoz then brings them to the base which is located near the former Order of St. Dumas.

At the base, Jean-Paul and Nomoz meet General McGog who doesn't believe Jean-Paul's story about finding his mother. McGog is curious about the Azrael costume that he found in Jean-Paul's bag. McGog wonders if Jean-Paul and Nomoz have come to join his mercenaries. Jean-Paul still sticks to his story about finding his mother and brings up that she may have come across this camp about 23 years ago. McGog thinks back to a woman who did come to their camp and is still there. The woman sweeps sand that drifts into the work spaces within the camp. McGog orders one of his men to retrieve the woman and to bring her back to his quarters. McGog introduces Jean-Paul to the woman, but she does not react. McGog reaches the conclusion that since the old woman doesn't claim any resemblance to Jean-Paul and neither Nomoz or Jean-Paul want to join McGog's Trojan Army then its quite obvious that they were sent to spy on McGog.

McGog condemns Nomoz and Jean-Paul to death for spying. Jean-Paul argues that McGog has no legal standing to pass sentence. McGog laughs because for centuries two powerful organizations have ensured that there will never be any government interference in this area of the desert. McGog's army has done them favors and his army benefits from their protection. Jean-Paul asks McGog to allow him to wear his Azrael costume as a gesture of honor. McGog applauds Jean-Paul for his quick thinking but refuses because he analyzed the Azrael costume and found kevlar panels sewn through the costume. McGog holds a gun on Jean-Paul and Nomoz while escorting to the sweeper woman who has Jean-Paul's bag to the execution spot.

Before McGog could pull the trigger, the Faux-Azrael surprises McGog from behind and sucker punches McGog to his stomach. McGog goes flying and drops his gun. Jean-Paul grabs his bag from the woman and puts on his costume in order to contend with the Faux-Azrael. Jean-Paul tries to reason with the Faux-Azrael by telling him that he doesn't have to be Lilhy's bloodhound. Jean-Paul offers his hand in friendship toward the Faux-Azrael but the imposter takes a swing at Jean-Paul with his blade wielding gauntlet. Nomoz tries to put the Faux-Azrael into a choke hold and removes his mask. The Faux-Azrael is a black haired Caucasian. The Faux-Azrael throws Nomoz at Jean-Paul and intends to kill them both. McGog gets to his feet and picks up his gun.

The Faux-Azrael picks up Jean-Paul and is about to deliver a fatal blow when McGog takes aim at the two of them. The woman sees McGog and jumps into his line of fire. The Faux-Azrael hesitates when he hears the gunshot and Jean-Paul cries out in anger. Jean-Paul sucker punches the imposter and goes after McGog. Jean-Paul knocks out McGog with a series of punches then turns his attention the woman. Jean-Paul cradles the woman in his arms and wonders if the woman actually recognized him as her son but she didn't want to risk exposing him. Jean-Paul's tears fall onto to the dead woman's face because he will never truly know the truth but he has faith that the woman's maternal act of sacrifice may have given him a clear idea of who she was.


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