An archeologist on his homeworld of Mars, B'arzz discovered a Reach Scarab during a dig. The alien weapon bonded to his spine and took control of him, turning the Martian into an unwilling agent of the invaders.

Green Beetle was sent to Earth to earn the trust of the Justice League and help destroy them from within. In time, the plot was discovered and B'arzz was freed from the Reach's control in a magical ritual.

Green Beetle attempted to assist the Team in fighting the Reach, but his scarab was destroyed in combat with Black Beetle.





  • Green Beetle's real name is a play on the word "Barsoom", the name given to Mars by its native inhabitants in the "John Carter of Mars" series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs.



  1. The powers and weaknesses listed are based on the common abilities of Martians first demonstrated by J'onn J'onzz. The refrences listed are based on J'onzz as depected in the Earth-One and New Earth continuities.
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