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A spaceship lands outside Midtown and disgorges a yellow-skinned Martian criminal called B’rett. He uses his Martian weapons and powers to commit crimes and cause chaos. John Jones is called into action and, after sighting B’rett, becomes J’onn J’onzz to confront him. B’rett confirms that he is a Martian and made an escape from the law by hiding in an experimental rocket. J’onzz evades B’rett’s ray-gun blasts, but is dosed with a pellet of Formula 20, which Martian police use to permanently rob Martian criminals of their ability to use their other powers while invisible. Later, when B’rett threatens policemen, J’onn J’onzz becomes visible before them and subdues B’rett by blowing burning leaves from a bonfire around him. J’onzz arranges for B’rett to be sent back to Mars in the spaceship. Later, J’onzz is welcomed to Earth by Captain Harding, who later tells John Jones that he’ll have to cede the spot of top detective in town to the Martian from now on.


Pellet of Formula Z6


Martian missile


Ray gun capable of vaporize a statue



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