At present, not much has been revealed about the man calling himself Backstabber, due to a court order to protect his family from suffering repercussions from his actions. It is known that he is a veteran bodybuilder with a muscular physique, and that he is not averse to using his muscles for criminal endeavors.

He became Backstabber after being hired by THE WHITE MAGICIAN to become a super-villain, for the express purpose of slaying Wonder Woman, who had begun to investigate the Magician's illegal activities. Through the Magician's supernatural powers, he gained a measure of super-human strength, and the ability to form his hands into sharp blades. Backstabber then became one of several magically-empowered villains who were used to fight Wonder Woman.

In the end, Wonder Woman defeated Backstabber and the others, and thwarted the White Magician as well. Backstabber was arrested and sent to prison on various offenses, where he remains to this day. It is not presently known whether or not the powers he gained from the White Magician have faded away.




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