Bad Blood chose to live in a section of Chicago called the Netherworld, so named because it is a literal No Man's Land, where the only residents are either metahumans who are shunned outcasts from the rest of society, or normal humans who have nothing and no one to live for and who have gone there to die. Bad Blood became one of those outcast metahumans, although whether this is due to the nature of his powers or for other reasons remains unclear.

Bad Blood's metahuman ability, which he has little control over, is that when he bleeds, his blood can take on a life of its own for a period of time until it dries. Bad Blood has been shown to be able to mentally direct the blood-entity and use it as a weapon against his foes, but the effort weakens him, and so he chooses not to use it for any significant length of time. Left to its own devices, the spilled blood is capable of attacking anyone near it, often fatally. Bad Blood's disdain for people is such that he usually does not care about this.

Bad Blood has also commanded a gang of fellow Netherworld refugees, either through a healthy respect or through fear. These gangsters are willing to do anything Bad Blood demands of them, even commit murder.

It was one such murder that brought Bad Blood to the attention of the third Hawkman, Katar Hol of Thanagar, and his partner Shayera Thal, AKA Hawkwoman. Hawkman and Bad Blood clashed several times during a period of several weeks, each one ending with Bad Blood escaping his just punishment. It is suspected that Hawkman's inability to capture Bad Blood had less to do with Bad Blood's cunning and more to do with Hawkman himself being at less than optimum condition, due to a spiritual conflict that was going on in his life. When that conflict ended, Hawkman became much more effective again, and in his final battle with Bad Blood, the villain was killed by the now-more-ruthless Winged Wonder.


can mentally control his own blood for a time after it is spilled


using the power weakens him



enemy of Hawkman



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