Quote1 The Scroll of Destiny is mine. Quote2
-- Bane src

Bane was working as a Shanghai rickshaw operator in 1930 when he first saw the local gang chasing after Catwoman for the Scroll of Destiny. Recognizing the object, Bane turned away, intending to continue his job, but his customer began to enrage him and he snapped, transforming into a massive, super powered version of himself. Bane went on a rampage, taking out numerous police officers before crashing into a fight between Catwoman and one of the gang's thugs, knocking the thug out and allowing him to claim the Scroll for his very own. His victory was short lived however, as Batman arrived on the scene, and quickly teamed up with Catwoman to defeat him before taking the scroll away.


  • Superhuman Strength: When enraged, Bane was capable of incredible feats of superhuman strength, allowing him to overpower most foes. He could also curl up into a ball and roll, using his immense size and strength to crush his foes.



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