Barbara Gordon was the daughter of James Gordon and Barbara Eileen Gordon, and on one fateful night upon returning from a movie making a shortcut through an alley, they were met by the mugger Joe Chill, who intended to kill the young Bruce Wayne, but in the confusion her parents were killed before her. Taking pity on the now orphaned Barbara, she was taken in by the Wayne Family, close friends of the Gordons who saw to it that she was given the best.

Barbara now wears the cape and cowl of Batgirl and rules Gotham with tyrannical furor, using both might and technology, having created the Oracle Supercomputer to aid her. Her secret identity and vigilantee antics are known to her millionnaire benefactor and confidant Bruce Wayne.

When the Joker kidnaps Lex Luthor, Batgirl reluctantly accepts Supergirl's help to find them both. As solving the case, Batgirl manages to expose some of the crimes of Luthor and unexpectedly makes friends with the Girl of Steel.




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