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Quote1 You were always meant to be Batgirl, Barbara. Quote2
-- Batman src

Barbara Gordon, the vigilante known as Batgirl, is the daughter of James and Barbara Eileen Gordon and the older sister of James Gordon, Jr..

Early Life and Career

Barbara Eileen Gordon left her family when her daughter was a young teen. A few years later, the Batman debuted. This inspired young Barbara to become Batgirl. Soon, she began working with Batman and his teen partner Robin. After about a year as Batgirl, Barbara retreated. Shortly after she was shot in the spine by the Joker.[2]

Looking for other ways to fight, Barbara became a hacker and information broker, donned the Oracle identity and founded the Birds of Prey.[3] After three years her father found a clinic where Barbara could be cured. Barbara underwent through surgery and getting a cybernetic implant on her neck's nape, Barbara recovered and returned to her position as Batgirl.[4]

The Darkest Reflection

Her first real challenge back in the suit was a serial-killer named the Mirror who targeted those who escaped death through miracles.[4] She met a brain-damaged psychic named Gretel who reminded her of the person she could easily have become.[5]

Knightfall Descends

Main article: Batgirl: Deadline

Shortly after Batgirl would meet one of her worse nightmares, Charise Carnes, "Knightfall". Daughter of a family murdered by a psychopath, Knightfall was determined to cleanse Gotham City by torturing and murdering every criminal she could get her hands on. Her extreme and brutal methods and her total willingness to bring about a bloodbath were at odds with Batgirl, who needed to the help of the Birds of Prey to take her down.

Birds of Prey

Batgirl initially refused to join when her old friend Black Canary put together a black-ops team called the Birds of Prey.[6] However, she assisted them on a mission when they went after the super-villain Choke.[7] Their first encounter with him was erased from all the Birds' minds, and Batgirl does not even remember the team-up.[8] Despite this, she helped them take down Choke's sleeper agents known as the Cleaners.[9] They tracked down their leader, a psychic named Trevor Cahill, and Batgirl was finally able to reconnect with Canary as close friends.[10]

Batgirl of Burnside

After successfully taking down Knightfall, Barbara was emotionally worn-out and in need of a change of scene. Barbara moved to Burnside, one of the wards of Gotham City and started operating there.

Although she became unexpectedly popular quickly, Barbara had to deal with someone sending villains after her and looking to ruin her reputation. Eventually Barbara discovered her mysterious enemy was an A.I. gone mad she herself created.[11] Batgirl managed to shut it down before it brought about a bloodbath.[12]


Main article: Batgirl: Mindfields

Shortly after Barbara started getting memory lapses and nightmares created by a villain called Fugue whom she had put away some while ago. Using mind-scanning technology, Fugue learnt all Batgirl's secrets and then tried to blow Burnside up and blame it on Barbara by mind-controlling several more villains into planting bombs across Burnside.[13] Batgirll retaliated by recruiting several fellow heroines to stop the villains as she took Fugue down.[14]

In the meantime Barbara started up her own green energy business, although she needed to step down from day-day-day management.[15] After having a run-in with villain Gladius and winning, Barbara needed to take a vacation.[16]

The Return of the Birds of Prey

Barbara found out someone was using her old "Oracle" identity and enlisted the aid of Black Canary and the Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) to hunt that person down.

Beyond Burnside

Barbara's vacations actually turned to out to be anything less relaxing when she ran into Kai, an old acquaintance of hers[17] which got himself into trouble with several Asian criminal gangs.[18] Batgirl saved him, but she wasn't thrilled with Kai using her civilian identity to protect himself, and told him to never bother "Barbara" again.[19]

Son of the Penguin

Back on Burnside, Batgirl found Oswald Cobblepot's bastard son was setting up shop in the town,[20] flooding Burnside with nonsensical mobile apps as part of a plan to take over the place and destroy his father.[21] In spite of his techno-suit, he wasn't a match for Batgirl.[22]

Escape from the Phantom Zone

Tracking a villain down led Batgirl to National City where she met Supergirl. The youngest hero asked Barbara's help to break into a Cadmus black site and rescue an imprisoned telepath named Gayle Marsh (Psi). Barbara and Kara teamed up to free Gayle, but that girl used Supergirl to enter the Phantom Zone. Both heroines managed to escape, but they agreed that story was not over.[23]

Several days later Barbara attended a clean energy expo in National City sponsored by TychoTech, a firm that used Kryptonian technology stolen from the D.E.O. to create a device powered by energy siphoned from Phantom Zone. During the unveiling, Barbara met Supergirl again, and the Girl of Steel recognized her right away. Magog attacked Supergirl during the event and their battle broke the device down. Both Batgirl and Supergirl were thrown into the Zone.[24] There they were captured by Xa-Du, the Phantom Zone's first inmate. Xa-Du had captured Psi, intending to coerce her into opening a rift to escape from the Zone, but she encased herself into a psionic bubble. So Xa-Du was boiling other Phantom Zoners over and turning their souls into fuel for his armor in order to make himself powerful enough to break her shell.[25] Batgirl and Supergirl managed to escape, and while Supergirl reached Psi out, Batgirl engaged Xa-Du. Both girls managed to defeat the villain and Psi sent them back home. After their adventure, Barbara and Kara praised each other, and Barbara stated Kara could ask her help whenever she needed her.[26]



  • Restricted Mobility (formerly): Barbara was paralyzed for three years after being shot by the Joker. However, she managed to overcome her paralysis and return to fighting crime.




  • She is 21 years old.[28]



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