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Many thousands of years ago the White Martians created a metavirus, a metagene that could be passed from host to host via touch. This metavirus was responsible for the empowerment of the Son of Vulcan. From that time on the Vulcans passed the metavirus down in an unbroken line, sworn to hunt and kill White Martians.


  • Pyrokinesis: Thanks to the unique Vulcan Metavirus, Miguel is able to generate intense heat from any part of his body.


  • Vulcan Armor: Vulcan's wear a special suit of body armor created by previous Vulcans, with gauntlets capable of generating forcefields.
  • Vulcans and Sons of Vulcan had access to the Encyclopedae Vulcanis, the collected lore of everyone who had ever borne the mantle of Vulcan.


  • All Vulcans carry a special sword with a translucent monomolecular blade that can apparently cut through almost anything.



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