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-- The Flash src

Barry appears to Green Arrow in Metropolis after Doomsday and Black Adam are taken down, asking Oliver what took them down. Ollie replies with "Thunder of the gods, Flash, thunder of the gods." When Barry asks what that would make the two of them, Doomsday stands up, ready to fight the speedster and hunter. Superman flies in and takes Doomsday to deep space, as Ollie replies with "The poor slobs who clean up the mess."

Once Ollie and several of his other friends have vanished, Flash works alongside Cyborg and Superman to locate them and try to pull them back. Barry has the idea to use his Cosmic Treadmill to follow them to the other world. The other two men shoot down the idea, but later embrace it in an effort to pull them back home instead of pursuing them. Unfortunately, the portal pulls Cyborg through before closing. Barry tries to repair the control panel to the treadmill, but is unsuccessful as a result of the control panel necessitating Cyborg's neural implants.

"Single Player: Battle" Epilogue





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