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Quote1 I let myself believe we were making things better, but we're not. I can't do this any more; I'm done. Quote2
-- Flash src

Barry joined The Regime at first, because he did believe that the Man of Steels plans for protection of Earth. However after witnessing the High Councilor kill Shazam in cold blood made Barry question the whole purpose of the Regime. Barry decided that he must leave the Regime and join and help Batman's Insurgency, because "Superman has gone too far.".

After joining the Insurgency, Barry warned the Insurgents on Superman's plan on destroying Gotham and Metropolis to set an example towards the Insurgency. Barry helps the Insurgency protect Gotham and Metropolis, but is blasted away by Yellow Lantern's Force Wave. Barry is later seen let himself arrested due to having most of his crimes from the time he was in the Regime. Before he escort himself to the police van consisting the other Regime members, who are now arrested for fully aligned with Superman, Barry gives a smile to original universe's Green Arrow, amends that Barry will find a new and better life after his imprisonment.

"Single Player: Battle" Epilogue

Flash had taken down the High Councilor, but the atrocities he had abetted during Superman's Regime continued to haunt him. His shame eventually drove him into exile.

Whether wishing to make further amends or simply unable to stop himself, Flash continued to use his powers in the pursuit of justice. Rumors of a mysterious red streak of energy that would set upon and incapacitate criminals circulated throughout Central City. While only some deduced his real name, most felt gratitude and affection for the new hero they called, 'The Ghost.'





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