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Quote1 I say I'm gonna be somewhere, I'll be there like a flash! Quote2
-- Bart Allen src

In 2004, Bart was living as a petty thief in Metropolis. However, seeing a car about to crash into Jonathan Kent, he chose to save him (while also stealing Jonathan's wallet). Bart had been seen by Jonathan's son, who tracked Bart down and tried to confront him. Bart, amazed that someone else could move super fast, decided to befriend Clark and teach him how to live. He told Clark that he had been in an accident, with a bolt of lightning and had gained super speed. Feeling like a freak, in the eyes of his parents, Bart had run off.

Wanting a better life, Bart stole from Lex, but after his fencer betrayed him and Clark talked to him, he returned Lex's property. He then decided to travel to world and see if there was anyone else out there, like him and Clark.

At some point after this, Bart was recruited to Oliver Queen's group, being dubbed "Impulse" (he was not allowed to pick his own codename) and was involved in the group's attempt to bring down Lex Luthor's 33.1 project.

Two years later, Bart returned with newer recruit Black Canary, in an attempt to stop Doomsday. However, their plan failed.

Bartholomew Allen Smallville 003

Bart as he appeared in Season 11


  • Superhuman Speed: Impulse possesses the gift of super-speed and enhanced reflexes. The exact limits of this ability are unknown, but he is clearly faster than Clark Kent and is fast enough to run across bodies of water without falling in.


  • Power Limitation: Bart's stamina decreases exponentially the more he is forced to use his super-speed. Bart has a super metabolism so he needs to consume a large amount of food.
  • Bart has many aliases, including Wally West, Jay Garrick, and Barry Allen - the names of the men to use the Flash moniker before Bart in the comics.
  • Bart is the first member of the Justice League that Oliver recruited and coincidentally the first member to appear on the series with the exception of Clark and Chloe.



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