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Basilisk is a terrorist network that makes ready use of metahumans and advanced technology. They were founded by Kaizen Gamorra.
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The Masada, Yucatan, Mexico
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Strike Force Basilisk, Grey Lora
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Gamorra Island
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Basilisk is a terrorist network that makes ready use of metahumans and advanced technology. They were founded by Kaizen Gamorra.

At least part of Basilisk's operation is a cult dedicated to drawing strength from a mythic snake of great power. Another dictates that the influence of metahumans and aliens will eventually drive the world into a war, so they had better prepare for it by strengthening their own power base while weakening the power bases of their future enemies; "future enemies" in this case meaning anyone from espionage groups like Team 7 to corporations like Gotham Municipal Power & Light.

Another part of their operations involves developing a program to grant replicable superpowers to any human, whether or not they have the metagene.

They first became active sometime between the first appearance of Superman and the formation of the Justice League.

Currently their organization is working on something called "Project Kaizen" which requires Black Canary.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • Basilisk shares many aspects with another terror-organization in the wider DC Multiverse, Kobra.
  • Basilisk's claims were at least partly true, as a future of the Prime Earth shows a postapocalyptic environment being policed by Beowulf, a warrior who draws his power from their research.


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