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A citizen of Kandor, Basqat was a soldier in Major Zod's army. At the request of the Krypton Council, he gave a sample of his blood to them to be put in the orb like the other soldiers so they would be resurrected through cloning if Krypton was destroyed.

When Basqat and the rest of Zod's army were transported to Earth through unknown means, they questioned their depowered states and rebelled against Zod, taking him hostage until they realized what they were to do. However, Zod managed to win back their trust and allegiance to him. Weeks later, Basqat was with Alia and Faora when Zod spoke to them about capturing the traitor Jor-El. Later, he abducted Jor-El from Tess Mercer's cellar, then released Jor-El after Zod was done interrogating him.

Basqat was at Zod's warehouse headquarters where Zod was handing out assignments to his soldiers to ensure the completion of the solar tower when Clark Kent appeared and Zod ordered his soldiers to "Kneel before Kal-El," to Basqat's disgust. About a year later, Basqat was in the Fortress of Solitude with Zod and his fellow soldiers when Clark confronted Zod over the death of Faora. He sided with Zod and, with his recently-received powers, flew away with the rest of the Kandorians.

To begin the war on Earth, Basqat seared Zod's mark on the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. Later, when the entire Kandorian army confronted Clark on a rooftop where he was about to use the Book of Rao, it was revealed that Zod was responsible for Faora's death. Basqat confessed that Zod was to be dealt with on their new world. After the Book of Rao was activated, Basqat, along with his fellow Kandorians, were sent to their new home.

Alternate Future

In Lois Lane's memories of the future, where Zod and the Kandorians had gained their abilities after turning Earth's yellow sun red and ruled with an iron fist, Basqat wore a black uniform with the Mark of Zod on his chest. When he encountered Lois from the past in the future, Basqat questioned her presence in the banned territory and when she refused, he took her to the Kent Farm which was converted into a sort of prison guarded by Kandorians. He was later assassinated by Resistance members, led by Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen, when a kryptonite knife was thrown at his heart.

  • Basqat was portrayed by Adrian Holmes who also portrayed Griff.
  • "Basqat" is the name of a Kryptonian that appeared in the story arc "Godfall". It is unclear if the character was adapted for Smallville, or just the name.



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