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The Bat-Radia was a device designed by the Batman of Zurr En Arrh, a scientist named Tlano, who considered it to be the most valuable object in his utility belt. The purpose of the Bat-Radia was to issue electronic molecules that caused controlled disturbances in the atmosphere of Zurr En Arrh, thus 'jamming' atmospheric molecules – and could even render useless the motors of jet-cars used by Tlano's fleeing enemies.

The Bat-Radia would prove to be instrumental in the defeat of robot invaders which Batman had been brought to Zurr En Arrh to help defeat, as he had Superman-like powers on that world. The Bat-Radia's electronic molecular shower disrupted the electric force of the robot invaders that had made them invisible, causing them to become visible again – leading to their easy defeat by Batman.

Presumably Tlano had another Bat-Radia, as the one used in Batman - The Superman of Planet X! was given to Batman as a keepsake of one of his strangest adventures.


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